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Nikolai Jonasson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Nikolai Jonasson and I am an art hobbyist, YouTuber and music lover. Quite often I record the drawing process's of some of my artworks and upload them to my channel (check out the link below). What I always strive towards in my time-lapse drawing videos is a sort of a unity or balance of any particular piece of art, the animations or edits, and music. By trying to achieve such a trade-off I tend to not be as frequent with my YouTube uploads as I and my subscribers would want it to be the case, however I do believe that the quality of my content matters the most and the creation of it will inevitably take a lot of time. But don't worry, I'm still quite active or frequent on Instagram, Facebook and Deviantart with a few artworks that won't appear on YouTube as their own videos.

!!! Update !!!

Link to my first drawing tutorial:

I have successfully created my first drawing tutorial on how to draw Po from Kung Fu Panda 3 and will continue making drawing tutorials on characters from the same movie and other movies and even video games. I will eventually also submit a step by step drawing instruction on how to draw the Dragon Warrior to Deviantart.


Nicholas Simpson Digital Drawing
So, this is me, Nikolai Jonasson, if I were living in the Simpsons universe! I first made a sketch of my character by pencil, outlined main details with a black marker, scanned the paper, digitalised the sketch using Adobe Illustrator CC and lastly added each color individually in Adobe Photoshop CC. However, this isn't simply a sudden experimentation from my side, on the contrary, this digitalised drawing has a great purpose...the main purpose of being a sort of a mascot for my second YouTube channel to which I exclusively upload Simpsons drawings. The name of the channel is "TheYouDrawingTube" and as of now there are only 3 drawing videos...

1st Drawing : Hans Moleman ( )

2nd Drawing : El Barto ( )

3rd Drawing : Lenny Leonard ( )

Don't worry, I'll upload more videos soon enough...the next character I'll draw is Otto Mann...stay tuned...
Pikachu drawing
Hello, Nikolai Jonasson/ SuperNikolai1996 here with my latest Pikachu drawing. Coincidently I uploaded the drawing tutorial for this drawing on the day I first created my YouTube channel (24 September, 2010), exactly 6 years ago. I couldn't have ever thought, at the age of 14, that after a few years I'd start making my own drawing tutorials and have such a great support from my closest friends and viewers.

Even though I currently can't call myself a real fan of the Pokemon franchise I have often come across it in one form or another, e.g., the animated series originally aired in 1996 (I was a big fan of the series at a really early age ), when I created my YouTube channel I not only started making speed drawing videos but also entered drawing contests...the first contest I ever entered here on YouTube was hosted by Evan Burse (CartoonBlock) titled "Sasuke VS Pikachu Drawing Contest".

The intro of this drawing tutorial was heavily based on the game opening of the original  "Pokemon Yellow Version" game for the GameBoy Advance SP. This was actually my first gaming device and amazingly I never owned a Pokemon game...

All of the information you might want to get, e.g., name of songs used or sketching and drawing materials, can be found in the actual video. Here's the link to my Pikachu drawing tutorial:

I hope that this 23 minute drawing tutorial will help people with different levels of drawing skills or no drawing skills whatsoever! The reasons for why this video is so long is firstly due to my strive towards making a simple, coherent or clear drawing tutorial and secondly because for the time being I'm unsure if I'm ready to record my own voice, thus all the instructions must be hand- written.

Anyway, I again hope that this drawing tutorial will help anyone to successfully draw Pikachu! If you're not too keen on following the instructions and making your own Pickachu drawing for various reasons could you please share this tutorial with someone that you know would love to draw Pikachu or is simply a fan of Pokemon? Furthermore, anyone can send me their results as a video here on YouTube or as an image on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I'll be sure to feature these results in my next tutorials.

Lastly, be sure to vote for the next Pokemon character that I should teach you how to draw. You can vote for her/him/it by clicking on the (i) info button in the upper right hand corner of the YouTube video player on both mobile and desktop devices.
Tigress Drawing
This is a Tigress drawing I did a while ago for my second Kung Fu Panda drawing tutorial. You can find the really comprehensive and detailed 22 minute tutorial video on my YouTube channel "SuperNikolai1996" or by simply by following this link:

* Don't forget to vote for the next Kung Fu Panda character that I should show how to draw! *

The reason for such an excessive use of the color red is quite symbolic, according to a few sites that I checked out about the meaning of colors in the Chinese culture read means fire, luck and celebration... I found that these words suited the character. 
Louis Armstrong Portrait

Hello, I've been gone for far too long and now it's time to begin again! This is my first portrait drawing of 2015 where I'm experimenting a little bit more with the background as you have seen/ shall see in the video. I really enjoyed drawing this particular picture of Louis Armstong with his trumpet...

Louis Armstrong was born in August 4, 1901 New Orleans, Louisiana and died in July 6, 1971 New York City (NYC). He was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and an influential figure in jazz music.

A bit of history about the genre: From the days of bebop (1940s), when jazz ceased to cater to popular audiences, and instead became solely about the music and the musicians who played it, jazz has been symbolically linked to the civil rights movement.The music, which appealed to both races, provided a culture in which the collective and the individual were inseparable, and in which one was judged by his ability alone, and not by race or any other irrelevant factors.  

Drawing by: Nikolai Jonasson aka SuperNikolai1996

Materials used: Conte/ Derwent black charocal pencils ,ordinary mechanical pencil with 0,5 leads, Conte color pencils, Cretacolor color pencils, white ink pen (Crown Hi-Jell korea).
Po the panda from Kung Fu Panda 3
Hello, I'm finally back with another drawing, actually the first one this year. But this is not only a drawing but also a tutorial. Some days ago I uploaded a "how to" drawing video that includes my own step by step instructions, I actually tried it out 3 times before filming the actual drawing process. I am indeed going to draw the rest of the Kung Fu Panda characters but I would also love to feature your results in my future tutorials!

Here's the drawing tutorial video:

This video, alongside with the tutorial itself, was inspired by "The Simpsons Drawing Handbook", which I purchased on Amazon quite recently, and other YouTubers such as; Kazanjianm, Cartoonblock, MarkCrilley, Gorlepreturns and Orangemonkey92.

Now, you might be wandering: "why the hell is Po yellow, golden or even green- like in this particular drawing?" Well, the reason for such a strange choice is the Chinese colour symbolism behind all of the colours. The yellow colour corresponds to earth, is considered the most beautiful/ prestigious colour and according to an old Chinese saying generates Yin and Yang. Now as we know Po becomes the Dragon Warrior and as if that's not prestigious enough he has the same colour spectra as the Yin and Yang sign and actually illustrated it upon spinning with the last of Lord Shen's deadly cannon balls in Kung Fu Panda 2. However the yellow colour could correspond to something completely different and inappropriate so I didn't want to take the risk and stay true to the Chinese traditions. I used an ordinary HB pencil to create that shining or even golden feeling or illusion. The golden colour corresponds to nobility and wealth. The green colour, which could possibly be seen in this drawing, corresponds to health, prosperity, and harmony. 


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